Recommended Website Links

Recommended Links

Stephanie Melissa Custom Design

Stephanie prepares cusom design with ‘intention, love and purpose’.  Her work is beautiful, and all pieces are custom made to your specifications.  She will guide you towards setting your intention, and create the art piece you desire.


Psychic Cheri

I have known Cheri for over 20 years, and in the recent past, have I gone to her for intuitive guidance.  She is spot on, and those I have recommended to her felt the same.  You can go to her site and it is easy to book a reading online.  I am now 900 kms away from where she is located, and it makes no difference to the effectiveness of her readings.  She does her readings and courses using video chat, and the link she sends is free from any complications.  If you are looking for an amazing reading, that is mind blowing accurate, she is the one to see.   I have also had the pleasure of taking one of the courses she has to offer, and it was definitely worth it.  Her prices are affordable, and I came away with a lot of knowledge I did not have before.  


Serenity Freak Blog

This is my blog!   Check it out for some great money manifesting tools.   I have affiliate links to some great resources, and articles that are sure to help with your lifestyle of abundance.  Anywhere from money manifesting to creating a room full of zen and positive energy.  This is the place where my CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) designation and passion for lifestyle serenity can merge.