Herb Magic

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Herb Magic

Now available for the first time on DVD, Scott Cunningham`s ultimate course in herbalism introduces the timeless practices of herb magic as taught by this mater herbalist and renowned author. With his expert guidance, you`ll gain the skills needed to practice herb magic anywhere and anytime to attract positive energy and enjoy a richer life.
Step by step, you`ll learn how to release the vital energy within these amazingly versatile platns for improved health, psychic awareness, happiness, prosperity, and much more. Join Scott as he tours a working herb farm and learn firsthand his secrets for drawing forth the magical properties of over twenty herbs. You`ll discover how to:
  • Perform simple spells to bring about positive change
  • Harvest and cure fresh, natural herbs
  • Create potent herbal incenses, oils, tinctures, sachets, powders, and bath salts using age-old recipes
  • Identify a variety of both common and rare herbs on sight
  • Make herbal talismans to attract love, success, and money
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