Stones & Crystals

Stones & Crystals

Stones and Crystals

We have a variety of tumbled stones and untumbled stones in all shapes and sizes.  Add the amethyst gemstone tree to your home mindfulness decor.

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6 Piece Untumbled Stones Set

Healing Stones and CrystalsThis set is a fantastic addition to any healing practice, sacred..


Amazonite Untumbled Stones 1lbs

Amazonite Untumbled Stones – 1 lbA stone that appears with a soft green coloring, often pie..


Amethyst Chevron Tumbled Chips

Amethyst Chevron Tumbled ChipsThis 1lb bag of Chevron Amethyst chips has a variety of uses and p..


Amethyst Gemstone Pyramid

Amethyst Gemstone PyramidAmethyst Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the ape..


Amethyst Gemstone Tree

Amethyst Gemstone TreeBeautiful and powerful both symbolically and energetically, the amethyst g..


Amethyst Massage Wand

Amethyst Massage WandThese Amethyst Massagers can be used as a dream stone and to help insomnia...


Amethyst Pyramid 30 to 40mm

Amethyst PyramidTraditionally used for crystal healing, and other such energetic practice, this ..


Amethyst Tumbled Chips

Amethyst Tumbled ChipsWhen you use these Amethyst chips in your next arts and crafts project, yo..


Amethyst Tumbled Stones 1lb

Amethyst Tumbled Stones – 1 lbThese amethyst stones present the finest, possessing very few..


Aquamarine Tumbled Stone Chips

Aquamarine Tumbled Stone ChipsAquamarine is said help promote clear communication. These beautif..


Assorted Large Stones and Crystals

Whether you've a love for the beauty found in the stones given up by the earth or a student of the e..


Assorted Massage Points Set of 12

A set of 12 small yet powerful points with holes in them to put on your favorite chain or to make yo..


Axinite Tumbled Stones 1 Lbs

This bulk package of axinite tumbled stone offers a beautiful selection of the wondrous axinite crys..


Black Onyx Tumbled Stones

Black Onyx enhances steadfastness and determination, setting ones mind to a task. It is grounding st..


Black Quartz Tumbled Chips

Black Rutilated Quartz gives you the best of both worlds combining Quartz Crystal and Black Tourmali..