Desert Sage Smudge Stick- 2 Mini Bundles (4"-5")

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Desert Sage Smudge Stick- 2 Mini Bundles (4"-5")

Desert Sage Smudge Stick – 2 Mini Bundles

High Desert Sage has a light and woody aroma that is less bitter than the traditional white sage. While it is sought after for its many medicinal purposes, it is used a smudging herb to clear negative energy, drive out evil spirits and induce sweating, among other purposes. Our desert sage grows wild at high altitudes in the United States.

Aroma: Light woody

Intention: To cleanse one’s space or body, drive out evil spirits or induce sweating in a sweatlodge. Smudging is a spiritual purification process that can be thought of as a cleansing smoke bath that involves lighting the stick, gently blowing out the flame and placing it safely in a fireproof bowl, allowing the smoke to fill your space and wash over your body. This practice is held sacred within the Native American culture as well as shamanism.

Key features:

  • Hand-harvested and sun-dried under the Californian sun in accordance to Native American tradition
  • 100% natural
  • Intention smudge for spiritual purification and to get rid of any negative energy.
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