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Aluminum Wind Chimes

Nature's own music sounds best when accompanied by the gentle tones of this aluminum and natural p..


Aluminum Wood Wind Chimes

A simple yet elegant wind chime, perfect for the porch of that country cottage or sun-dappled pa..


Brass Emerald Triquetra Wind Chimes

Sculpted of Brass, this Triquetra shaped wind chime is an absolute delight with the way it catches..


Rainbow Butterfly Wind Chime

A bevy of butterflies creates a carefree carousel of color, as tinkling chimes turn the tiniest ..


Three Bell Star and Moon Wind Chimes

Hanging from a slender chain, this wind chime displays a crescent moon characterized by the tradit..


Three Bell Triquetra Wind Chimes

Simple and elegant in design, this small wind chime is perfect for hanging by windows, doorways, a..