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Aluminum Wind Chimes

Nature's own music sounds best when accompanied by the gentle tones of this aluminum and natural p..


Aluminum Wood Wind Chimes

A simple yet elegant wind chime, perfect for the porch of that country cottage or sun-dappled pa..


Brass Emerald Triquetra Wind Chimes

Sculpted of Brass, this Triquetra shaped wind chime is an absolute delight with the way it catches..


Brass Pentagram Wind Chime

With this Brass Pentagram Wind Chime adorn any windy spot and listen to it sing.   Br..


Pentagram Wind Chime 5 Inch

This marvelous ornament offers the classic symbol of mystery and magick to hang about your home an..


Pentagram, Star, & Triquetra Wind Chime

This fantastic wind chime, hanging approximately 25" long, presents to you three classical symbols..


Rainbow Butterfly Wind Chime

A bevy of butterflies creates a carefree carousel of color, as tinkling chimes turn the tiniest ..


Three Bell Moon Wind Chimes

The triple moon is a time honored symbol used to represent the stages of life and wisdom, or the t..


Three Bell Pentagram Wind Chimes

A delicate little decoration for doorways, windows, and anywhere you'd care to hang it within your..


Three Bell Star and Moon Wind Chimes

Hanging from a slender chain, this wind chime displays a crescent moon characterized by the tradit..


Three Bell Triquetra Wind Chimes

Simple and elegant in design, this small wind chime is perfect for hanging by windows, doorways, a..