Add More Zen

Add More Zen

Accessorize With Zen

Add zen with our meditation and mindfulness accessories.   We have make a wish and aromatherapy neclaces, freedom tattoos and mediation key rings.


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Aroma Spinner Fidget Spinner Replacement Pads and Pods

Aroma Spinner Replacement PodsThe one and only Aroma Spinner™. This fidget spinner is ..


Aroma Steel Pendant Necklace

Aroma Steel Pendant Necklace – Choose Your Color and StyleFor Men & Women!Our new l..


Aroma Steel Pendant Necklace - Color Changing Accessory Options

Aroma Steel Pendant Color AccessoriesFor Men & Women!For use with our Aroma Steel Pendan..


Breathe Free All-Natural Essential Oil | Cold Pressed | Therapeutic Grade

OUR OILS:  100% Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade. There are absolutely NO synthetics, adde..


Freedom Temporary Tattoo

Freedom Temporary TattooWhat a wonderful alternative to needles and permanency.  Be your ev..


Make a Wish Lotus Flower Necklace

Make A Wish Lotus Flower NecklaceSuch a pretty necklace!   We have Ohms, Lotus Flowers..


Make a Wish Meditation Pose Necklace

Make A Wish Meditation Pose NecklaceSuch a pretty necklace!   We have Ohms, Lotus Flow..


Make a Wish Ohm Necklace

Make A Wish Ohm NecklaceSuch a pretty necklace!   We have Ohms, Lotus Flowers and Medi..


Ohm Meditation Key Ring

Ohm Meditation Key RingThis is a beautiful piece to carry with you everywhere.  Having an O..


Serenity Doh New

Serenity Doh

Eliminate Stress and Relax with Serenity DohPlay with this dough for some great relaxing ar..